Sales – Retail Shop & Ebay

B!KE has a broad selection of basic and affordable used and new bicycles and parts to keep you rolling.

Bike sales

B!KE strives to have a selection of refurbished bicycles for sale at the shop. We rebuild bicycles to a high standard of care and most refurbished bicycles have had at minimum the major bearing systems serviced and the cables replaced. Our fully overhauled adult size bicycles average $150-$400. Our refurbished kids bikes average $20-$60. Many folks find our refurbished bikes to be a highly affordable way to get out riding.

In order to best serve our customers B!KE also stocks a limited selection of new bicycles. As of 2020 B!KE is officially a Kona dealer!

Kona bike sales

B!KE is proud to be a Kona Bicycles Dealer.

Kona is a Canadian bicycle company that has a 30 year history of producing innovative mountain, road, cyclocross and commuter bicycles. Founded in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron (who own the company to this day) the company built its reputation on light steel mountain bikes, and continues to offer steel mountain and road bicycles and frames among its range.

We like Kona because the company is rider-run, interested in community building, and has a long history of advocacy including their longstanding support of IMBA and Kona’s Africabike program.

Visit the Kona website for a complete list of Kona bikes. Contact B!KE for advice in choosing the right Kona bicycle for you.

Parts and accessories

New parts: 

Bells: From simple noise-makers to Japanese musical instruments, the law demands you have one, we have several styles to choose from, ($5-$20).

Rear racks: The most comfortable way to transport groceries, work clothes, books, computers. We have rack options for most bikes, and the experience to help you install them, ($30-$50).

Lights: Another legal requirement, we can illuminate you! A range are stocked from simple silicone LED flashers to make you visible to other road users, through to rechargeable light sets that will let you safely ride unlit trails on the darkest of nights. ($11-$90).

Tubes: Once in a while the universe presents you with a flat tire. The easiest, most reliable repair is the installation of a new inner tube. We may actually stock the largest range in town, in both Presta and Schrader valve options, from 16” through 29”, ($5-$12).

Tires: We keep a wide range of basic, good quality tires to meet most cyclists needs, and we’re happy to hunt down and special order anything specific you might want. Not sure what you need? Our staff and volunteers have ridden in most conditions and will be happy to advise, ($20-$150).

Patch kits: Used your spare tube and got a second flat, miles from home? Hopefully you brought a patch kit too. We sell Park Tools’ simple basic kit that works great, ($4).

Tire levers: You’ll need these when fixing flats or installing tires, ask the staff for tips on easy usage, ($12).

Cables and housing: Switching out your tired shift and brake cables and their outer housings can make a world of difference to how your bicycle operates. We sell quality Shimano cables and keep both types of housing (yes, brake and shift are different) in a wide range of colours – great for making your bike look unique, ($4 (Cables)), ($2/ft (Housing)).

Need something you don’t see listed above? We probably keep it, or will be happy to source it for you. Give us a call at 705-775-7227.

Used parts are for sale to members only ($45/year). We have an enormous collection of used parts from virtually every era of cycling! Used parts are priced according to quality and rarity. Used part sales are final, so check with staff to make sure you have the right part for your needs.

Online sales of parts and accessories

The sale of used parts is an essential revenue stream that keeps our workshop fees affordable for all shop users. In order to reach a broader audience we sell niche and higher end parts on Ebay. Visit our eBay store to see our complete listings; all listed items can be made available in store.

Additionally, we sell hand crafted B!KE memorabilia. We offer posters, tee-shirts, and earrings for sale in store.