Volunteer Build Night

Volunteer Build Night

A space for volunteers to learn new skills and to work on their own bicycles.

Volunteer Build Night is a volunteer only program where our volunteers learn new skills, build bikes for the shop, and work on their own bicycles.

For many volunteers Build Night is a space to learn the skills of bicycle maintenance and repair. If you are interested in volunteering at B!KE but don’t know much about bicycles this is the place to start! Jean is our volunteer coordinator, please contact her via email if you are interest in volunteering.

Build Night also serves a few other functions in the B!KE community. It’s a space in which Open Shop volunteers can get away from the hustle and bustle of teaching to work on their own bikes. It’s also a time that we schedule volunteer only workshops and events. Since volunteers play such an important role in B!KE‘s success, we see Build Night as a way to create space just for them.

Refurbished bicycles sold at B!KE are built primarily during Build Night with the careful guidance of B!KE staff. All refurbished bicycles are safety checked by a staff member upon their completion.