Welcome to your community cycling hub.


B!KE runs a supervised workshop space with the tools, parts, and expertise for bike repair. Drop-in during our Open Shop program to learn how to fix your bike. Membership is accessible: $35/year, or $7/hour, and gives you access to the welcoming and professionally-equipped shop space, our friendly volunteer teachers, and broad selection of used and basic new parts. We hope to see you soon!

About B!KE

B!KE: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub is an incorporated not-for-profit, member-based cycling education and support organization. We’ve been working with the Peterborough community since 2006 teaching bike maintenance, repair, and riding skills.

Current Hours Monday 10-7 Tuesday 10-4 Wednesday 10-7 Thursday 10-4 Friday 10-7 Saturday 10-4

Visit our Contact page to send us an email or to find our location on Google maps.

Mission & Mandate

B!KE: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub is a not-for-profit group providing an accessible shop space, tools and guidance for the development of bicycle mechanical skills. We strive to encourage self-reliance through education in basic and advanced levels of maintenance by making available an active workshop space facilitated by knowledgeable volunteers. We aspire to support cycling in the Peterborough community by reconditioning donated bicycles, making them safe and affordable. Finally, along with the increased competency gained through hands-on learning opportunities, we hope to encourage the use of bicycles as a viable form of transportation for the public at large.

Staff, Volunteers, and Board


B!KE is an incorporated not-for-profit and operates as a social enterprise. Staff positions are funded in part by membership and small parts sales, as well as grants provided by various organizations. Email any of our staff by following the hyperlinks below:

Tegan Moss (Executive Director)

Charlie Best (Program Coordinator)


Volunteers are the backbone of B!KE. Their incredible generosity keeps us all afloat! If you are interested in volunteering, check out our volunteer page for details, give us a call at 705.775.7227, or drop by during Open Shop.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS B!KE’s 2016-2017 Board of Directors is comprised of:

Dwight Couchman (Chair), James Britton (Treasurer), Andrea Stevens (Secretary), Dave Woodfine, Jackie Donaldson & An Kosurko

To communicate with our board please contact our Chair, Dwight Couchman, via email boardchair (at) communitybikeshop (dot) org

Frequently Asked…

I’ve got some bikes! Do you take donations?

We sure do! A strong selection of donated bikes and parts is really important to our core operations. A few things to keep in mind if you’re considering donating things to B!KE:

Please only drop off items during Open Shop hours. Donations left unlocked on the bike rack when we’re not around will definitely go back out into the community, but maybe not in the way you’d like (i.e., they’ll disappear real quick!).

We accept all donated bikes, bikes in very poor condition will be scrapped by our volunteers but only after we salvage anything useful! Any bike we can salvage we will, getting more people riding for cheap is a big part of what we do!

The most useful bikes to donate are (in order descending):

1) Road bikes – old and new. 2) Cruisers – old especially. These have lots of weird parts and tire sizes that can come in handy for other projects 3) 80s/early 90s Mountain Bikes.

Do you sell used bikes?

Yes. We offer a small selection of used bicycles which have been totally overhauled and are ready to ride. Please come by the shop and have a look. Used bikes sold at B!KE are serviced to a high standard of care and purchasing a re-built bike gets you out riding fast! Purchasing a used bicycle directly supports the ongoing operation of B!KE. Less traditionally, we also we also carry a wide selection of donated bikes in various states of repair that are available for members only to purchase. Sold in as-is condition, these bikes become projects for members to re-build with the help of our mechanics (most of our as-is bikes are unrideable off the rack). We do not sell as-is bikes to non-members.

Can I request an as-is bike be built up for me?


Do you repair bikes for people?

Nope, we only teach how to fix them. Our volunteers do not work on members’ bikes – they only advise and teach to the best of their ability. There are a few great bike shops in town that will fix your bike for you (Wild Rock Outfitters, Fontaine Source for Sports, Spokes ‘N’ Pedals).

Can I trade in my bike/parts/whatever for something at the shop?

No. We’re unable to support trading because of the potential of dealing in stolen goods.

Is B!KE an activist group? Will I feel welcome if I’m not a Cycling Crusader?

While we’re really excited about the big time resurgence in cycling and bike culture in the past few years, we’re not political group. We pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone, and just want to help folks feel more comfortable, empowered and confident using and caring for their bikes.

What do I get with a membership?

Members get:

  • Unlimited shop time for one year
  • Access to the wide selection of inexpensive used parts
  • Access to the selection of as-is bikes we keep
  • Email updates about B!KE events and workshops
  • Knowledge that you have helped to foster Peterborough’s cycling community
  • Velo Love!

Donation Jar600x450

What if I need a (insert fancy/rare/expensive bike part here) to fix my bike?

We stock a basic selection of new parts and accessories for sale (cables, brake pads, grips, pedals, fenders, baskets, etc.) for sale. 85% of bike repairs require those simple parts. For the remaining 15% of repairs, there are three options:

1) Replace it with something from our used parts selection. The bins have a pretty good selection of old/rare parts.

2) Replace it with something from our competitively priced new parts selection.

3) Go to one of Peterborough’s three independent local bike shops to get what you need:

Wild Rock Outfitters (169 Charlotte St)

Fontaine Source for Sports (384 Queen St)

Spokes N’ Pedals (464 Aylmer St)

Are you open year-round?

You betcha! Since the largest group in our membership base are transportational cyclists, there is a demand for the shop to stay open in the chilly months. Granted, it gets a fair bit slower, so it’s actually a great time to get some one-on-one teaching time with the volunteers. If you’re riding in the winter, its also the most important part of the year to undertake regular maintenance on your bicycle.

Funders and Friends


B!KE is the grateful recipient of funding from:

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (2015-2018) The Trent University Student Body (In perpetuity, beginning Sept 2011) The City of Peterborough (2009 to present)

Friends of B!KE

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of organizations.

Fleming College SAC Knox United Church Kawartha World Issues Centre Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board Peterborough Green-Up OPIRG Sustainable Trent The Third Space Church

Past Funders

We would like to offer ongoing recognition of organizations who have previously offered our operation financial support:

Sustainable Trent (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012) The Peterborough Foundation (2009) The Ontario Trillium Foundation (2009-11) The Community Futures Development Corporation (2012-2013)