Kona Launch Party

Kona Launch Party

February 7, 2020

7:00 pm / 9:00 pm


B!KE: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub

293 George Street

B!KE is proud to announce that we are now a Kona dealer! Kona is a BC based bike brand that falls on the “rowdy” side of cycling. They build beautiful bikes and are willing to support the grassroots work that we are doing here at B!KE.

To celebrate we are having a small party here at the shop. Its going to be a casual evening celebrating B!KE and our new relationship with Kona. We will have a few Kona’s here for folks to check out (see all their bikes online at www.konaworld.com).

Tegan is working on a couple of games to play at the party (but no promises). Here are some sweet things we can offer:
–> Ride a Kona to the party and we will give you a free B!KE waterbottle.
–> Put a deposit on a new bike at the party and we will give you a B!KE tee-shirt.
–> Come to the party and Tegan will give you a highfive.
We hope to see you here!

–> B!KE does used and DIY! Why carry new bikes? <–
Selling new bikes is something we started exploring last year. Because our supply of bikes is always limited by what gets donated we often turn people away when they are looking for something in particular. We also find ourselves mid-season with very few bikes for people to purchase. Having sold a few new hybrids and single speeds we know that we want to be able to offer people who are looking for something new the perfect bike. We hope that carrying Kona’s will allow us to do this even better.

–> Why Kona? <–
Kona is a Canadian company. Kona is willing to work with a shop as small as B!KE is. Charlie is a lifetime Kona fan and his passion led us to contact them. Charlie and Tegan both believe that steel is one of the best materials you can make a bicycle out of. You can repair it, it feels great to ride, we are excited that Kona makes beautiful new steel bikes!


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