Youth Earn-a-Bike

Youth Earn-a-bike

Youth aged 13-17 completely rebuild a bicycle that they get to keep.

B!KE is currently seeking grant funding and sponsorships to support Earn-A-Bike in 2019. Contact Mark for more information on how you can support Earn-A-Bike.

The Youth Earn-a-Bike program is an 8 session program in which youth aged 13-17 completely rebuild a bicycle that they get to keep. The program was originally designed to increase access to cycling for youth from lower income families and youth-at-risk. We offer this program to specific groups including schools and youth agencies as well as for free in the community at large.

Each of the eight sessions has a specific curriculum; six sessions focus on mechanics and two session focus on riding skills. During Earn-a-Bike youth work toward a tangible outcome and are empowered to take their transportation into their own hands. The program also engages youth in their community, builds mechanical skills, and fosters creative problem solving.

At the end of the eight-session program, the participants will go home with a newly refurbished bicycle, a lock, and a helmet. These bicycles, coupled with the skill development gained through Youth Earn-a-Bike, will give the participants a viable and affordable form of transportation.

Information on offering this program privately to a group or enrolling in our next community session can be found by contacting Madison.