Women-Only Days

Women-Only Days

Days when B!KE’s workshop space is for women only.

It is our policy to set aside days when B!KE’s workshop space is for women only. That means that all the instructors in the space and all the people there to learn are women. We appreciate the support of our members and volunteers in spreading the word, respecting these hours, and inviting more women out to participate! Some folks are wondering why this is something that B!KE is offering. Here are a few ideas to chew on:

B!KE’s Women Only workshops are the first to fill up! Typically in a workshop with 10 spaces, we have 20-30 women try to register! There is a clear demand for B!KE to provide programing specifically for women.

Only 30% of bicycle riders are women. The literature doesn’t have a clear answer about why that is, but at B!KE we believe that people who know how to fix bikes are more likely to ride them. We are inviting women specifically to come out and learn those skills.

Mechanical spaces are typically male dominated. Believe it or not, what we do at B!KE is rooted in the radical idea that anyone can learn to fix a bike! We know that when you visit other bike shops, or a car mechanic, the people you see working are typically men. A women-only day creates a space where women are guaranteed they can see other women empowered to be the wrench.

Women continue to experience systemic oppression and violence. The fight for equity isn’t over and women you know experience this reality on a daily basis. By creating a women-only space at B!KE we hope ensure that women can work on their bicycles in an environment that is founded on the concept of dismantling oppression. Inviting thought and dialogue about the ongoing oppression of women is a part of our aim.

We are growing our programming. Since 2012 the idea of a women-only day has been in the vision for B!KE’s future. In 2017 B!KE now offers over 45 hours a week of access to our workshop! That’s more than double the number of hours we offered in 2016! With this much capacity in the organization, it was clear that it was time to put this plan into action and offer a workshop time just for women. We are grateful for the support of our male gendered members who have shown their respect for these hours. Keep in mind that men can still come to B!KE and make purchases during women-only workshop hours, but the tools and work benches are not available for them at that time. If you have any questions please contact our Executive Director, Tegan Moss, via email at director@communitybikeshop.org

B!KE recognizes all women as women. We just want to be 100% clear that women-only day welcomes trans women.