26″ Tires


Used from $5, new from $20.

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26″ Tires

The knobby tire is an awesome invention. It makes handling in mud, gravel, snow, leaves, grass, much better. It makes riding on pavement slow, loud, and not that awesome. Are you riding a mountain bike as a commuter? Put some slicks on it!


Basic lightweight 26″ x 1.5 slicks are $20. Schwalbe slicks with puncture protection are $45. We often carry a few slick 26″ options that run for $30 or less.


Bike does not carry new 26″ knobby tires. Used tires are all $5 and there is a huge selection in our basement if you want to keep the knobs.


(Wild Rock and Fontane’s can both sell you great tires if you want something to tear up the downhill with.)