Evaluation Focus Group

Evaluation Focus Group

October 5, 2017

6:00 pm / 7:30 pm


B!KE: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub

293 George Street

B!KE is presently conducting evaluation of our workshop space and mechanical skills programing. Over the next month, we will be asking community members and volunteers to participate in a survey and focus groups.

We are currently looking for 5-10 B!KE members to participate in a converstaion about your experiences using the shop. Consultant Nancy Pole will facilitate a group conversation in which participants talk about their expereiences using our work shop and how we could improve our programs.

The focus group is expected to run for aproximately 1.5 hours. Light refreshments to be provided. To register for the focus group please email tegan@communitybikeshop.org.

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